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FIT1012-‐FIT9027 Website Authoring
Assignment 2 -‐ Group Project
Assignment 2 and Work Requirement 3 are to be completed in groups of 2.
Until the end of week 7 you will be given the opportunity to form your own groups. Any students
not in a group by the end of week 7 will be allocated to a group at the start of week 8.
Your web design team has taken a job with a retail company "Premier Products". Your team will be
responsible for developing their new online presence. The store already has an existing database of
products that is used to manage store inventory. You will be given access to this data in week 9.
Your job is to create a website that confidently presents the company identity and allows customers to
browse the full catalogue of products.
Premier Products is a fictional client
You may choose to use a different name for the actual website
The website can be presented as an online store, or catalogue
You do not need to build a working shopping cart system
Sample database content:
You will be given access to a database in week 9 containing the following 10 products (gnidulcni﴾
associated data such as: price, category, units in stock, etc.):﴿
Gas Grill
Your group may choose to make a site for the exact items listed in the database, or for items of your
own choice using the database content as dummy text to represent your own items.
Your website must make use of text retrieved from this database, with all 10 products displayed. The
database cannot be modifed (erom yalpsid ot hsiw uoy fI .﴿)smeti gnivomer/gnidda ro seulav gnignahc﴾
products, consider outputting each product mutliple times.
FIT1012-FIT9027 Website Authoring
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Marking Criteria
Each group member must select exactly 5 of the following 15 criteria to undertake as their own
personal responsibility. The remaining 5 criteria will treated as shared responsibilities of the entire
You will receive a final grade consisting of 5 criteria selected as your personal responsibility, and 5
criteria selected as group responsibilities.
IT Development
HTML validation to XHTML 1.0 Strict standard
Retrieval and display of product information
Additional ColdFusion functionality
Application of JavaScript functionality
User input validation for forms
Visual Design
Site branding and logo design
Page layout design
Formatting using CSS
Typography design
Image content quality and suitability
Content and structure
Organisation of files
Organisation of content and HTML structure
Accessibility and readability of page content
Accessibility and usability of navigation
Compatibility with web browsers
Nominate 1 group member to perform the final submission of the assignment.
Upload your assignment using the submission link provided on Moodle (﴿)timil BM 02﴾
Compress the files required to test your website in a single ZIP archive
Use your full name as the file name of your submission
Complete the online form to select your marking criteria for each group member.
Due date: Uploads for Moodle submission must be completed before Friday of Week 12 at 6pm.
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FIT1012-FIT9027 Website Authoring