sydney代写business international assignment essay 论文 作业

Mark allocation: 45%
Due date:  14 June 2013
You are required to complete a small business plan that must include the following:

  • Introduction and background (overview)
    • A description of your business and the products and services you offer. 
    • Key products
    • Purpose of your business
    • Business structure (ownership)
    • The history
    • Location
    • Personal characteristics (why can you run this business?)
    • Your industry
  • Objectives (overview)
  • Financial: eg ‘to achieve turnover of $x and profits of y% by the year-end’.
  • Strategic: eg ‘to gain two corporate customers by the end of the year.’
  • Operational: eg ‘to increase productivity by 20% by the end of the second year’.
  • Marketing: eg ‘to increase e-commerce sales from $x to $y by 1 June next year’.
  • Market Analysis
    • Your geographic scope and the markets you serve.
    • Your competitors and your competitive advantages
    • Market research
    • Market potential
  • Production and Distribution channels (including Quality Assurance)
  • Marketing and Promotions
    • Logo
    • Sample advertising
    • Calender of events and costing involved
  • Financial data
  • Do a costing for one article and work out the selling price. Decide what your profit margin will be.
  • Cost of expenses (electricity, heating, administration, insurance, logistics, technology, rent etc). Assume that all expenses, other than the cost of materials and direct labour, are ‘fixed’.
  • Start up costs
  • Break even analysis
  • Financial projections
  • Sales and profitability objectives
  • Wages (including recreation leave, superannuation entitlements, workers compensation, OH&S requirements)
  • Organisation and Management
    • Organisational chart and allocation of work and responsibilities
  • Ownership
  • Risk register for the business, including identification, categorisation and contingency plans.
  • Legal documentation required to start a business (including registration, specific importing/exporting or food/liquor handling)
  • There must be an online element to your business, attach an example or plan of the website (including product photographs)
  • Develop a Social responsibility program
  • Develop a code of ethics
Part B: submission of this assignment 
1. Submit to Turnitin by the due date as a Word document (NOT including appendix)
2. Submit in hard copy to the assignment box on level 7 of building 80, with cover sheet signed by all group members and Turnitin result.