sydney代写business assignment essay 论文 作业

sydney代写business assignment essay 论文 作业  Submission Date
Friday the 14th of June (end of Week 13)
Important Information
You do NOT need a Facebook account to complete and achieve a high mark for this assignment. You
will only be required to read status updates from a file or use the Graph Search API calls to retrieve
public status updates.
You can do this assignment in pairs. You must let me know whom you are pairing with so that you
can access each other’s code and so that you can be assessed, because only one submission is
The assignment is worth 25% of the overall topic mark. The 25% is broken down into three phases
as discussed below.
The practicals in weeks 11, 12, and 13 will be for assistance on the assignment.
The assignment is to design, implement, test, and document an application to analyse the results of
a Facebook search using the Graph API: e.g. “Trending Topics” of Facebook Status Updates. A
Facebook “Status Update”, sometimes referred to as a “Post”, “allows users to post messages for
their friends to read. In turn, friends can respond with their own comments, as well as clicking the
"Like" button.”1 Facebook users post all sorts of information in status updates and by examining the
contents of and detecting which words appear frequently across posts we can detect “trending
topics.” See below for more information on Facebook and the API that generate the search results
used in this assignment:
Wikipedia on Facebook:
Facebook Developer Graph API:
Facebook Graph API Search:
Facebook Graph API Post Object:
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Flinders University 2013
Assignment Phases Overview
The assignment is broken down into three phases:
1. Parse a Facebook search data string in into a Facebook Post object
2. Sort Posts by different features of the Post object (e.g. User, Date, etc.)
3. Index the list of Posts for word usage, aka “Trending Topics”
You must also submit a document that describes what you have done and any extra features that
you have built for your application. This document will be submitted via FLO
4. Application description document
At each phase you will need to extend the graphical user interface to display the results of your
improvement and allow the user to interact with the underlying data structures and algorithms.
Each phase will have marks allocated as follows:
 60% Correctness
 20% Documentation and Testing
 20% Graphical User Interface Enhancements
At the end of each phase you should make a copy of your assignment for backup and commit it to
repository with the comment “Phase X” where X is the phase number 1, 2, or 3.
 Correct use of the repository
Your submission will be the contents of your repository.
Unit Testing
Create unit tests to verify that your code functions correctly for any input that you deem to be
necessary for thorough and comprehensive testing. You will be provided with data files and the
expected output that can be used in your unit tests.
Your code should be documented. That is, it should contain comments that describe methods,
classes, instance and class variables, etc., which you have written.
Use javadoc (see or
some other documentation system of your choice.sydney代写business assignment essay 论文 作业