MECO6901 assignment代写

Dealing with the Media – Evaluation Essay
Word length: 2000     Due date: By 4 pm, Friday November 1, 2013
“Evaluation is and will continue to be a “hot topic” in Public Relations and Media Relations theory and practice until generally accepted ways are found to finally provide evidence of a campaign’s contributions to results.” In addition, Stanton argues that Media Relations is an industry that has not yet reached full maturity – and that evaluation and measurement "are important elements in the increasing professionalisation of the field". Discuss.
Your essay needs to make a scholarly argument, properly referenced, discussing the role of evaluation in the Media Relations field and the various methods of evaluating campaigns. Whenever possible, refer to your own campaign as a case study.
References may include the prescribed readings from the reading list in Blackboard, sources provided in seminars, as well as your own independent research.
In the course of your essay you should:
·         Demonstrate your knowledge of evaluation methods used within media relations and argue their place within the industry. Support this with research.
·         Demonstrate an understanding of the different phases of evaluation and research. Refer to case studies, including your own media relations campaign. You may include an evaluation of the outcomes from your campaign against the objectives you set out in your proposal; a review of the planning and implementation of your campaign; and any changes you would make in future campaigns.
 This assignment will test the intended learning outcomes #1 and #4.
objectives and outcomes
The unit aims to design and implement a media campaign that focuses on an issue of public interest (non-commercial) and to develop the skills to communicate client interests to media stakeholders. The objective is to equip students with a professional level of expertise in public communication.

By the end of this unit students should be able to:

  1. Identify and analyse the types, forms, features and functions of media campaigns
  2. Understand how PR campaigns are developed for different stakeholders
  3. Design, implement and evaluate a media campaign on behalf of an actual client.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of professional issues such as ethics and stakeholder engagement
Marking criteria:
·         Demonstrated understanding of theoretical/technical concepts in evaluation discussed in class and in readings.
·         Demonstrated understanding of the practical usefulness of evaluating campaign strategies at various phases of the campaign.
·         Campaign evaluation discussed against the objectives and implementation.
·         Writing, organisation and presentation of essay is at adequate level.
·         Use of language, presentation and adherence to referencing conventions.